• WUT?


    popdodger was started by Stephen McLeod [Blythe] of SlashTheSeats (formerly Artrocker.com) fame, and is a place for music with soul.

    As a collective we have done the rounds in the musical world… whether that’s ‘sleeping’ on the floors of tour busses; selling merch for bands in different countries; getting pished and passing out backstage at major festivals; or even playing ourselves in smoky venues where the staff outnumber the paying punters, we know what it’s really like to live for music.

    There are countless places out there you can go and get the same old regurgitated descriptions of bands you’ve already heard of from blanket industry sources. That’s not what we’re about. We love finding those folk that are doing it for the sheer love of it… and giving them what small leg up we can.

    We’re not for everybody, but that’s OK.

    Get in touch…

    We like bands. If you like us, send us your stuff.

    PROTIP: If your only ambition is to sound like somebody else; you insist on sending us mass emails; submit mp3 files with no ID3 tags; or have ever been mean to us in person, you’re probably best off trying somewhere else. For a longer read on how to give yourselves more of a chance to get featured, looky here.

    Creative Folk (writers/photographers/dancers/…)
    We like you. Speak to Stephen and see how we can help each other out.

    We’ll be honest: we don’t have much time or inclination to look through mass mail-shot type things from record labels and PR companies unless we already know and like them. There are obvious exceptions to this, so if you think you could be a ying to our yang, stick us down on your lists. Don’t get angry if we don’t reply though. Be kind(er) to the planet; we don’t take physical submissions (unless they’re on shiny vinyl… yum.)

    Not sure? Say hello and we’ll try sort you out.