The Best 80s Cartoon Themes

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    I’ve been thinking about cartoon themes recently. After seeing a few episodes of The Super Hero Squad Show again, I realised that cartoon themes are lacking that epic edge that made certain animated shows of the 80s so great. I’ve included some of my favourites below but feel free to comment and add your own suggestions. (more…)

    VIDEO: Sonoio – Enough

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    Sonoio is Alessandro Cortini (ex-Nine Inch Nails, ModWheelMood). The guy is just damn great with synths and gadgets. This is a song that’s stuck with me for a while now and I find to be continually great. It’s got those big pop hooks without the pompus bullshit of bigger, more mainstream electronica artists and as a result it hits just right. Independent music done proper.

    Forget Feminism… Just Be Cool!

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    Katy Perry

    I read today that Australian stand-up comic Sarah Kendall claimed that Katy Perry was a blight on feminism. Speaking to Stylist, the comedienne said: “There’s a whole generation of women who don’t care about feminism. A lot of younger women think ‘lezzing off’ for the boys is equal rights. It’s not!” (more…)