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    Flowers or Razorwire: Midori

    by  • 08/08/2012 • LISTEN • 0 Comments

    Hailing from the deep south of Italy,  Thom Sgarangella is the talented dj behind the name of  Flowers or Razorwire,  plays drums in another band called Eels on Heels and loves Midori. It is not a coincidence if his second EP is called after the name of this fresh and summer-ish booze. (more…)

    Why Your Band’s PR Sucks

    by  • 07/08/2012 • OTHER, READ • 0 Comments

    Every day, the various submissions inboxes that I’m privy to are filled with literally thousands of emails from bands, record labels and PR companies trying to hawk their wares… and that’s not even counting those that find their way into my own personal accounts. With such a deluge of people desperate to have their...

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    VIDEO: Sonoio – Enough

    by  • 05/08/2012 • WATCH • 0 Comments

    Sonoio is Alessandro Cortini (ex-Nine Inch Nails, ModWheelMood). The guy is just damn great with synths and gadgets. This is a song that’s stuck with me for a while now and I find to be continually great. It’s got those big pop hooks without the pompus bullshit of bigger, more mainstream electronica artists and as a result it hits just right. Independent music done proper.

    British Theatre – EP

    by  • 02/08/2012 • LISTEN • 0 Comments

    For those unfamiliar, British Theatre consists of Mike Vennart and Richard Ingram of now defunct Oceansize. They’re gearing up to release EP number two, ‘Died In The Wool Ghost’ and apparently “It’s 5 tracks of pure unadulterated beauty.”

    I can’t wait.

    In the meantime sink yer teeth into their debut release, EP.