Scottish New Music Awards – Round 2.

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    Whether you’re involved in or simply an admirer of the music scene in Scotland, you will probably have come across the Scottish New Music Awards (SNMA) last year when the competition was held for the first time. Before it took place, many raised concerns and it was predicted that the night would be a complete disaster. Initial thoughts were confirmed and the Pop Cop’s commentary of the night went viral across Facebook and Twitter. You can read that here. Now that the nominations are out for round two of the awards, I have decided to dissect the panel’s choices. (more…)

    Forget Feminism… Just Be Cool!

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    Katy Perry

    I read today that Australian stand-up comic Sarah Kendall claimed that Katy Perry was a blight on feminism. Speaking to Stylist, the comedienne said: “There’s a whole generation of women who don’t care about feminism. A lot of younger women think ‘lezzing off’ for the boys is equal rights. It’s not!” (more…)

    Everyone an Army – The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right

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    Everyone an Army are a dark three piece from the even darker depths of Yorkshire. Having first encountered these young chaps in what appeared to be the long forgotten attic of a make-shift pub in Scarborough, their mere existence was almost enough alone to merit further inspection. The little English town on the seaside isn’t exactly known to be one of the world’s musical hotbeds, after all.