Artist Spotlight: Promise One

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    Promise One is “focused primarily around dubstep’s spatial foundations whilst incorporating garage and bass music sensibilities”. Just listen to his soundcloud tracks on a decent sound system and you’ll notice that this formula is clearly working for Nick. Deep bass tones coupled with meticulous percussion, brought together almost effortlessly with layers of atmosphere. It really is on whole other level. (more…)

    The Vaccines Don’t Like New Music

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    Last week, in an interview with the Guardian, generic teen-friendly snooze-rockers The Vaccines waggled an annoyed finger at blogs who provoke, “a hunger to have something new every day.” Well, now then. I run a blog that does just that (It’s called A New Band A Day, just to make it even more painfully clear). A lot of music...

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    Narcsus Prye – Computer Vision

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    Narcsus Prye - Computer Vision artwork

    Narcsus Prye are made up of ‘a drummer, a synth nerd and a songwriter’. They fired over a copy of their debut album to have a swatch at, and – rather unusually – it was obvious straight away that I was going to have to give them some sort of plug. Formed in the South-East of London in 2011, you might expect dodgy haircuts and hipster voices, but what we’ve got is actually a really interesting, and well-put together nine tracks of alternative electronic goodness. Click through for more, and to have a listen… (more…)

    Sucioperro – Fused

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    This could well be my favourite album of 2012.

    For those of you not already familiar with Sucioperro, the trio are something of undiscovered underground royalty. Formed in 2002, they were amongst an elite group of Scottish bands that helped re-invent and positively dance over the boundaries of alternative rock at the time, spawning a whole slew of imitators. Coming from this background; doing the same rounds as the likes of Aereogramme, as well as being heavily involved in Marmaduke Duke, it’s not hard to imagine why the guys have built up a fairly dedicated, almost cult-like following over the years. (more…)

    Why Your Band’s PR Sucks

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    Every day, the various submissions inboxes that I’m privy to are filled with literally thousands of emails from bands, record labels and PR companies trying to hawk their wares… and that’s not even counting those that find their way into my own personal accounts. With such a deluge of people desperate to have their...

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    The Best 80s Cartoon Themes

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    I’ve been thinking about cartoon themes recently. After seeing a few episodes of The Super Hero Squad Show again, I realised that cartoon themes are lacking that epic edge that made certain animated shows of the 80s so great. I’ve included some of my favourites below but feel free to comment and add your own suggestions. (more…)

    Hold Your Horse Is – Frimley

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    Hold Your Horse Is - Frimley

    Hold Your Horse Is are a noisy trio from the south of England (Frimley and Fleet, no less), who have managed to worm their way in to become firm personal favourites. After spending a fair bit of time on the road with Robin Pearson (guitar/sings), Chris Rouse (drums) and James Penny (bass/screams), I’ve been looking forward to today – the release of their debut album – for ages. (more…)