READ: Craig Ogden – ‘Christmas Time’

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    In a time of year when established Christmas hits are already everywhere and you might be at risk of getting tired of Noddy Holder (in fact, when is that not the case?), Craig Ogden is offering an alternative with this classy Christmas release. Having already won Classical chart number 1′s with summer releases in recent years, guitarist Ogden has turned his hand to a festive release this time. (more…)

    READ: Nat Lyon – New England Paradigm Shift

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    Nat Lyon - New England Paradigm Shift

    Nat Lyon is a literal one man band living somewhere in the hills of Connecticut, where he allegedly spends his time renovating an old farmhouse and frolicking with the local livestock… or something. He played all of the instruments on this character-filled DIY release, which in my book is reason enough alone to give it at least one listen over.


    LISTEN: Listener – Time is a Machine

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    Listener - Time is a Machine

    Listener are a three piece ‘spoken word rock band’ from Arkansas in the States. Time is a Machine is their latest release, coming out just a few days ago on the European side of the Atlantic, and just shy of a week prior to that for our American chums.

    Despite the trio having been together since not long after the dawning of the new Millennium, and having since trotted their way across the globe, this album is unlikely to feature on many hipster run down lists of the year… but could well be one of the most interesting for those who have ears to listen.


    READ: Marnie Stern – Broadcast, Glasgow – 2nd June 2013

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    Marnie Stern - Glasgow 2010
    Archive picture – 2010

    The prospect of going out tonight seemed like a chore. Having to wake up from my comfortable slump on the couch and trek across Glasgow wasn’t something I relished after a week of zero motivation or energy. However, this wasn’t just any old gig. This was Marnie Stern – and if it had been anybody else I might not have bothered moving at all. (more…)

    Castrovalva + Exit International – The Library, Leeds – 07-12-12

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    People often talk about Glasgow as having a vibrant music scene, and in a lot of respects that’s a fair assessment to make – we are a UNESCO world music heritage site after all. However, the past few years have seen the reputation Leeds rocket – particularly with regards to new and so-called underground music. The dirty, scuzzy, slightly obtuse bands that I tend to be drawn towards seem to have been spawning, or at least end up connected in some way to the Yorkshire city at an alarming rate. Castrovalva is one such band, so I took the chance to hop on a train to join some of the other popdodger writers for the weekend and see what things were like on their home turf. (more…)