Burning Buildings – Feet

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    Burning Buildings are a three piece from Manchester who make ‘twinkly’, playful rock. There’s a subtle flavour of Maximo Park in here, if the Geordies were a bit more laid back and less frentic.

    Feet is the first and probably only single from their upcoming cassette EP release - Body Parts. Stream/Download for free from Bandcamp. There’s a whole pile of other material up there if you like.

    Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

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    CAS’s Kammerspiel was an impulse purchase last spring down to me browsing iTunes and being intrigued by the release’s artwork. Stand-out tracks for me are Ira, Neanderthal & Wasp. The whole release is absolutely excellent mind, and I don’t want to say anything specific about the songs or sound as when I first listened I knew nothing, which I think added to the surprise. I wholeheartedly recommend a purchase and listen.

    Sucioperro – Fused

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    This could well be my favourite album of 2012.

    For those of you not already familiar with Sucioperro, the trio are something of undiscovered underground royalty. Formed in 2002, they were amongst an elite group of Scottish bands that helped re-invent and positively dance over the boundaries of alternative rock at the time, spawning a whole slew of imitators. Coming from this background; doing the same rounds as the likes of Aereogramme, as well as being heavily involved in Marmaduke Duke, it’s not hard to imagine why the guys have built up a fairly dedicated, almost cult-like following over the years. (more…)

    Flowers or Razorwire: Midori

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    Hailing from the deep south of Italy,  Thom Sgarangella is the talented dj behind the name of  Flowers or Razorwire,  plays drums in another band called Eels on Heels and loves Midori. It is not a coincidence if his second EP is called after the name of this fresh and summer-ish booze. (more…)

    Hold Your Horse Is – Frimley

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    Hold Your Horse Is - Frimley

    Hold Your Horse Is are a noisy trio from the south of England (Frimley and Fleet, no less), who have managed to worm their way in to become firm personal favourites. After spending a fair bit of time on the road with Robin Pearson (guitar/sings), Chris Rouse (drums) and James Penny (bass/screams), I’ve been looking forward to today – the release of their debut album – for ages. (more…)

    British Theatre – EP

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    For those unfamiliar, British Theatre consists of Mike Vennart and Richard Ingram of now defunct Oceansize. They’re gearing up to release EP number two, ‘Died In The Wool Ghost’ and apparently “It’s 5 tracks of pure unadulterated beauty.”

    I can’t wait.

    In the meantime sink yer teeth into their debut release, EP.

    Everyone an Army – The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right

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    Everyone an Army are a dark three piece from the even darker depths of Yorkshire. Having first encountered these young chaps in what appeared to be the long forgotten attic of a make-shift pub in Scarborough, their mere existence was almost enough alone to merit further inspection. The little English town on the seaside isn’t exactly known to be one of the world’s musical hotbeds, after all.