READ: Nat Lyon – New England Paradigm Shift

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    Nat Lyon - New England Paradigm Shift

    Nat Lyon is a literal one man band living somewhere in the hills of Connecticut, where he allegedly spends his time renovating an old farmhouse and frolicking with the local livestock… or something. He played all of the instruments on this character-filled DIY release, which in my book is reason enough alone to give it at least one listen over.


    LISTEN: Listener – Time is a Machine

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    Listener - Time is a Machine

    Listener are a three piece ‘spoken word rock band’ from Arkansas in the States. Time is a Machine is their latest release, coming out just a few days ago on the European side of the Atlantic, and just shy of a week prior to that for our American chums.

    Despite the trio having been together since not long after the dawning of the new Millennium, and having since trotted their way across the globe, this album is unlikely to feature on many hipster run down lists of the year… but could well be one of the most interesting for those who have ears to listen.


    WATCH: Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving

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    Flash Bang Band are a bunch from Brighton that I first covered waaaaay back in my auspicious role with what-was-then Artrocker.com. I’m sad to say that I’ve not kept up with their developments too much since, despite having liked to have… Once I initially cover a band it can become difficult to know which updates to keep up with and which to promote and…. aye.

    This track caught me surprise. Starting out with elements of the wonderfully soft-sung Iain Archer, coupled with the illustrious Thom Yorke… then shifting to something more akin to Weezer, or the rougher and more recent Dinosaur Pile Up.

    They’re on tour soon. Go find them.

    LISTEN: Lullatone – Morning Coffee

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    I’ve only recently had this Japanese duo introduced to my ears. To be fair to you, I probably only know three songs and I have just found this, my fourth. I often find it difficult to sleep, but listen to these at night and you’ll likely be out by the end of the third track; drifting in Pillow Land. Absolute magic.

    LISTEN: Futur Primitif – Nuclear Shockwave

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    Due out in early January, this is the first single to be taken from the debut album of Daniel Lefkowitz’s new project - Futur Primitif.

    His past with the Low Anthem colours this dreamy indiefuzz track. There’s a fair few layers of sound to wade through, and we’re promised that there’ll be more electronic ‘wizardry’ to come. Have a listen.

    CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Miaoux Miaoux remix)

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    If you pay any sort of attention to the new music ‘scene’ in the UK, you should have heard of Chvrches by now. (aka/formerly known as ‘Churches’) Chances are, you’ve probably heard this Miaoux Miaoux remix as well, given the amount of attention these guys have been getting as of late. However, rapid critical popularity on its own isn’t reason to stop paying attention to a band, so check this out; I actually prefer this mix to the original.