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    Lee is from Yorkshire, but he doesn't live anywhere specific. He takes his camera and iPod away on his travels and occasionally reports back here. Oh, he also hits a bass guitar and dances a bit weird in a band called Everyone An Army.


    LISTEN: Lullatone – Morning Coffee

    by  • 30/05/2013 • LISTEN • 0 Comments

    I’ve only recently had this Japanese duo introduced to my ears. To be fair to you, I probably only know three songs and I have just found this, my fourth. I often find it difficult to sleep, but listen to these at night and you’ll likely be out by the end of the third track; drifting in Pillow Land. Absolute magic.

    Artist Spotlight: Promise One

    by  • 30/08/2012 • LISTEN, READ • 0 Comments

    Promise One is “focused primarily around dubstep’s spatial foundations whilst incorporating garage and bass music sensibilities”. Just listen to his soundcloud tracks on a decent sound system and you’ll notice that this formula is clearly working for Nick. Deep bass tones coupled with meticulous percussion, brought together almost effortlessly with layers of atmosphere. It really is on whole other level. (more…)


    by  • 21/08/2012 • LISTEN • 0 Comments

    Today I fancied some insanely agressive, really-fucking-angry music where LOUD was the only acceptable volume required to experience it.

    That being said there is a lot of depth to KATARRHAKTES, and Malcolm McLean is an incredible artist with an vast collection of sonic magic. I implore you to explore his discography. I will be posting more about this artist in the future.

    Recommended listening being ACID SPIT and INFINITY RECURRING.

    Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

    by  • 13/08/2012 • LISTEN • 0 Comments

    CAS’s Kammerspiel was an impulse purchase last spring down to me browsing iTunes and being intrigued by the release’s artwork. Stand-out tracks for me are Ira, Neanderthal & Wasp. The whole release is absolutely excellent mind, and I don’t want to say anything specific about the songs or sound as when I first listened I knew nothing, which I think added to the surprise. I wholeheartedly recommend a purchase and listen.

    VIDEO: Sonoio – Enough

    by  • 05/08/2012 • WATCH • 0 Comments

    Sonoio is Alessandro Cortini (ex-Nine Inch Nails, ModWheelMood). The guy is just damn great with synths and gadgets. This is a song that’s stuck with me for a while now and I find to be continually great. It’s got those big pop hooks without the pompus bullshit of bigger, more mainstream electronica artists and as a result it hits just right. Independent music done proper.