• LAKE MICHIGAN – Clavicle Relief

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    Clavicle Relief by Lake Michigan

    Hailing from York, a city close to home for me, Chris Marks writes “Beautifully sad acoustic music”, for fans of Owen, Joan of Arc, Elliot Smith, Red House Painters… and many more, I’m sure.

    Taken from the following site:

    “Sad lofi tape jams with a song writing talent wasted on a style only four people will ever listen to. Only just old enough to legally drink, thus an impressive level of melancholy.”

    I can’t help but agree. Released on Quiet City, the tape is limited to a run of 30. You can bag one for £2.50.

    I’m recommending this to people who appreciate the more exposed and honest side of music. Not to shun the typical studio band, by any means; it’s just that this really is something special. Truly stripped down, a bare-bones kind of vibe which I can imagine being recorded in a cold bedroom, lit by candles, complete with drips falling from the ceiling. The production lends itself to the songs perfectly.

    PURCHASE LINK: http://wolftowndiy.limitedrun.com/products/507766-lake-michigan-clavicle-relief

    Lee Jones


    Lee is from Yorkshire, but he doesn't live anywhere specific. He takes his camera and iPod away on his travels and occasionally reports back here. Oh, he also hits a bass guitar and dances a bit weird in a band called Everyone An Army.


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