• WATCH: Flash Bang Band – If You’re Driving

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    Flash Bang Band are a bunch from Brighton that I first covered waaaaay back in my auspicious role with what-was-then Artrocker.com. I’m sad to say that I’ve not kept up with their developments too much since, despite having liked to have… Once I initially cover a band it can become difficult to know which updates to keep up with and which to promote and…. aye.

    This track caught me surprise. Starting out with elements of the wonderfully soft-sung Iain Archer, coupled with the illustrious Thom Yorke… then shifting to something more akin to Weezer, or the rougher and more recent Dinosaur Pile Up.

    They’re on tour soon. Go find them.

    Stephen McLeod


    Stephen has been stumbling around in a drunken haze harassing anybody that will listen about new music for about as long as he can remember. Review Editor at SlashTheSeats.com (formerly of Artrocker.com fame), this is his new home. Get in touch via @stephenemm or Google+


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