• WATCH: We Are the Physics – Dildonics

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    “I was reading this thing that I might’ve just imagined about scientists constructing sperm from human bone marrow that would, ultimately, render the male genitalia completely useless as a reproductive organ”, explains vocalist Michael M. “I think it might’ve been in an issue of TV Quick. So we wrote the song about how redundant the male would become, unable to compete with artificial counterparts, reducing the flesh penis to a cozy piece of old world technology like a Nokia from the 90s, but veiny. It’s not so much a warning as an undermining of patriarchal ideas, and also we released it on 7″ and that’s a wee laugh.”

    What else can be said? Also on 7″

    Stephen McLeod


    Stephen has been stumbling around in a drunken haze harassing anybody that will listen about new music for about as long as he can remember. Review Editor at SlashTheSeats.com (formerly of Artrocker.com fame), this is his new home. Get in touch via @stephenemm or Google+


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