• The Best 80s Cartoon Themes

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    I’ve been thinking about cartoon themes recently. After seeing a few episodes of The Super Hero Squad Show again, I realised that cartoon themes are lacking that epic edge that made certain animated shows of the 80s so great. I’ve included some of my favourites below but feel free to comment and add your own suggestions.

    Ulysses 31

    This is possibly the greatest cartoon of the era. The whole series is wonderfully bizarre and each episode is rammed with proggy riffs and hooks that would put many an alt rock band to shame.

    Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors

    Not my favourite cartoon of my youth but the theme tune is fist pumpingly good.

    Mysterious Cities of Gold

    I remember this theme more clearly than the actual cartoon, which was ok, but did they ever actually reach the mysterious cities of gold? Why were they trying to get there again? Why did these three kids have a flying mechanical golden condor? Who cares! This brilliant theme tune is gold in itself.


    Forget that new fangled Thundercats nonsense, it’s all about the original! How could this not make the list!


    Possibly one of my favourites and the toys were bloody excellent too!


    She’s truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. Everything about this encapsulates the 80s from the animation to the theme… perfect.


    Before Michael Bay and Shia LaDOOF shat all over this, Transformers was a pretty decent cartoon with one of the most iconic themes of the 80s.


    I was almost going to leave this out as it’s an obvious choice but before they go ahead and make Ghostbusters 3 (without Bill Murray may I add) and make it into some sort of 3D, cgi crapfest let’s take a moment to remember how great this was.



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    3 Responses to The Best 80s Cartoon Themes

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    2. Michael
      13/12/2012 at 04:50

      Nive list. I think you have to include “Ducktales” and “Inspector Gadget” though :)

    3. Michael
      13/12/2012 at 04:50


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